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To put it simply MASTERNODE is kind of "modern mining" - meaning that master nodes lets owner getting benefits for running one. But to make it very clear - master nodes are way more than that... 

The master node is merely a cryptocurrency full node or that keeps the full copy of the blockchain in real-time. 

Simply put, masternodes are servers that can be found on decentralized networks. It has unique functions that make it different from ordinary nodes since ordinary nodes typically cannot complete such functions. 

However, master nodes are considerably different in their functionality than normal nodes. 

Some of the special functions that these nodes perform are:

  • Increasing privacy of transactions
  • Making instant transactions
  • Participating in governance and voting
  • Enable budgeting and treasury system in cryptos

These master nodes are not standalone, but they are always communicating with other nodes to establish a decentralised network and are often referred in short form as MN.

Mostly the master nodes perform the tasks that we have listed above, but it can slightly vary from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency depending upon how master nodes have been implemented.

  • Master nodes are full nodes that allow their operators to perform advanced functions that are crucial for running a blockchain.
  • Master nodes are different from crypto mining, although they have a connection with it, as node operators receive rewards from every “solved” block.

Running master nodes is quite expensive and not available for everyone - that's why here at MasterNodesBot we are offering access to wide range of master nodes for any investor without all typical requirements for setting up own master node.


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About Us


Data dominate the modern world - a daily volume of incoming data increasing exponentially. In a fast-paced environment like this it is close to impossible to be up-to-date and analyse all sources. 

Crypto markets are one of the fastest growing economies with enormous business and investment potential. For the past few years cryptomarket has changed - nowadays it's not about mining anymore, it's even difficult to follow the market cause of overwhelming data sources and number of existing cryptocurrencies. That's why MASTERNODESBOT was developed in the first place - to help investors in making right and successful decisions at the same time mitigating the risk. 


Our primary goal is to make crypto investment markets accessible to everyone. To earn from investing in Blockchain one need to have a well-developed base of knowledge. It takes a long time to master, and the majority can not afford to do so. That is where we come in and offer our services. We deliver to take care of the hard part of the investment management, risk evaluation and leave the customer with the most enjoyable one – profiting. Our clients can enjoy the benefits from diverse investment portfolios in a unified and straightforward interface with our investment package.


MASTERNODESBOT is a next-generation investment platform that combines crypto-world with Artificial Intelligence. In addition to the classic Forex trading and currency crypto-exchange, we are utilising the powers offered by AI and access to multiple master nodes. 

We have worked hard to develop a platform that is easy and intuitive to use. Our diversified investment strategy allows us to generate income from investment options 24/7.